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*Availability of seasonal flowers may vary.

Care Instructions

  1. Fill the vase with water
    Use clean water to fill the vase in which you will be arranging the flowers, and change the water daily. If the water becomes cloudy, it is important to wash the vase thoroughly before refilling it.
  2. Trim the stems
    After soaking the flowers in water, trim the stems diagonally. This allows the flowers to absorb water more easily and helps them last longer. Be sure to use clean tools such as scissors or shears when cutting the stems.
  3. Keep the temperature and humidity moderate
    Flowers last longer when kept in a place with moderate temperature and humidity. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight or in areas with poor ventilation. Additionally, avoid placing them in spots where they will be hit directly by air conditioning or heating.
  4. Caring with love ;)
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